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Living In The Solution with Dr. Elaina George

Oct 31, 2020

Joanna Martin discusses The Constitution in light of the many questions surrounding the possibility of packing the Supreme Court, the potential for corruption & fraud infecting mail in voting systems across the country and the rights of citizens versus the rights of the government.

Joanna Martin, J.D, is a philosopher &...

Oct 29, 2020

Dunagun Kaiser, the CEO and founder of Liberty and Finance LLC joins Dr. George to discuss the importance of being prepared for a collapse of society and/or financial crisis both physically & monetarily. In addition, this episode outlines the real world important steps you and your family can take now to  prepare for...

Oct 24, 2020

Dr. Tony Dale the founder of Sedera, a medical cost sharing company joins Dr. George to discuss the power a patient has to access excellent health care via affordable self-pay insurance, the price for individuals and how it can fundamentally change the the US healthcare system. 

He founded Sedera in 2014 as an...

Oct 19, 2020

Lynne Taylor an educator, speaker, author and an expert on Common core/National Standards system discusses what parents need to know about what their children are learning in the “new normal” COVID Classroom foisted upon the world by the anti-human malcontents that make up the Chinese Communist Party and their

Oct 14, 2020

Senior Counsel with The Alliance Defending Freedom, Matt Sharp joins Dr. George to discuss the importance of forever defending freedom of speech and religious freedom, why Marxist foot soldiers in the culture see it as a key piece of society to destroy and what steps The Alliance Defending Freedom is doing to protect...