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Living In The Solution with Dr. Elaina George

Oct 21, 2019

Mr. Josef Woodman, the CEO of patients beyond boarders discusses the evolution of medical care overseas. It is now thriving and the quality of care rivals the US. Patients who are savvy can get affordable care if they are willing to become healthcare consumers. 
As CEO of Patients Beyond Borders, Josef Woodman has spent the past twelve years researching and vetting international options for quality, affordable medical care. He has met and consulted with ministries and key stakeholders in the world’s leading medical travel destinations, touring more than 200 medical facilities in 35 countries. Co-founder of MyDailyHealth (1998) and Ventana Communications (1987), Woodman’s pioneering background in publishing, healthcare and technology has allowed him to compile a wealth of information and knowledge about international medical care, telemedicine, wellness, integrative medicine and consumer-directed.