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Living In The Solution with Dr. Elaina George

Apr 22, 2016

Join Dr. George and her guest Michael Hamilton from the Heartland Institute giving his persecutive on the future of health care in the US.

Apr 14, 2016

Join Dr. George and her guest as they discuss MEDICAL TOURISM and Jud's business Med Retreat. This is a MUST listen to show! There is an ALTERNATIVE to the out-of-control hospital pricing in the U.S.!

Apr 9, 2016

Join Dr. George as they discuss the TRUTH about the public being HAD by hospitals, insurance companies, and pharmaceuticals this is a show EVERYONE should listen to!

Apr 1, 2016

Join Dr. George and her guest Dr. Keith Smith founder of Surgery Center of Oklahoma as they discuss and reveal the truth of the disgraceful charges of hospitals and cons of insurance companies.